Thursday, 3 September 2009

1/4 of children only reading one book in class a year

According to Heinneman, 25 % of children in UK primary schools read only 1 complete book a year in class. See linked BBC article.

If this means children's own reading books then it is really shocking. If it means class readalouds, then I'm less shocked. I'm sure the Literacy Strategy's focus on a wide range of genres potentially reduces the amount of time that teachers have to read single stories to the end.

Maybe it is due to the number of National Curriculum subjects which have been taught by Primary Schools since the mid 90s.

Michael Rosan, Children's Laureate, added: "No extract has the power of books. Extracts deny children the meat of the story.

"If by the age of 11 you have read 50 or 60 books, school is a whole lot easier."

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