Monday, 24 August 2015

Context, Hooks and maps

Just listened to a couple of very thought provoking talks:

Daniel Kahneman
Daniel talks about two ways of thinking about problems - an inside view and an outside view and how it is so very hard, and yet so very beneficial, to see our context from an external viewpoint.

Its part of Edge Masterclasses, which whenever I invest the time in watching, throws up interesting and accessible ideas. Must watch more of them.

John Green's TED talk lends the great metaphor of the lines on a map to what I see as learning hooks - a point of reference for learning which has a personal meaning for the learner. Once a point of the map has been discovered, the adjoining points can be explored:
But I do believe that while maps don't show you where you will go in your life,they show you where you might go.
along the way, the map of my life got better. It got bigger; it contained more places. There were more things that might happen, more futures I might have. It wasn't a formal, organized learning process, 
His passion for lifelong learning is contagious and his talk is well worth a watch.

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