Saturday, 2 January 2010

Other class blogs...look here for some links

Thanks to edublogger for providing this growing list of class blogs.

I looked for some classes which were about the same age and quickly came up with a NZ school with a really interesting site.  I commented on a couple of their posts and hopefully they will look at our blog.

This is the simple way I am starting to link up learning.  I tried twitter earlier this year, but found that it was too unwieldy.  Selecting the right people to follow was tricky and I didn't feel I could monitor the tweets unless I spent an unmanageable amount of time online.

I still need to get a manageable way to encourage children to post more on the blog...

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Sue Waters said...

Glad you found the class blog list helpful.

New Zealand schools are currently on holidays. Might be worth trying a couple of USA or UK schools as they are returning to class this week. Whereas New Zealand and Australia don't return until February and will all be new students so will take longer to start interacting.

You might also like to think about joining our Student blogging Challenge. That starts again in March and is a great way of connecting up with other classes while encourage students to post more on blogs.