Thursday, 14 January 2010

Using flash animation from other sites on your smartboard slides.

Capturing Flash animations for your Smartboard slides

Now we’re into the real fancy stuff. Many of the websites that you will visit will have some fancy FLASH games on them that you will add to your favourites and will have all lined up to use in a lesson, when suddenly the network goes down. Well this is how to “borrow” those fancy FLASH games and have them stored on smartboard slides, ready to use and play and NO internet connection required!!
1. Open up a smartboard file
2. Open up the internet link and game you wish to “borrow” it is important that you do start the game, but you don’t have to play the whole thing!
3. Now click on the tools button (bottom right hand side of your tool bar) and choose internet options from the drop down list
4. Under browsing history choose settings
5. Choose view files from the next window that opens
6. You will be greeted with all the files you have viewed, massive list, to quickly find the shockwave flash file that you want to “borrow” sort the files using the “Last Accessed” button, press it twice that way it will put the most recent at the top
7. Hopefully you will see a file on the left that ends with .swf (this stands for shockwaveflash)
8. Click and drag the icon down to the bottom of your screen and onto your blank smartbook file.
9. The game should appear! Simply change the size to fill the screen or annotate around it then save it in your gallery or wherever you save your files!

This does not work 100% of the time, sometimes errors are thrown up, but you can’t expect perfection all the time can you!

Thanks to Andy for these notes to his smartboard course.

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