Friday, 26 March 2010

21st Century Learning

Alan November talks about the gap between what we teach and what children need to survive in the real world:
  1. we do not teach children to cope with overwhelming amounts of information
  2. every classroom should be a global communication centre
  3. we have to stop spoonfeeding learning, learneres should learn to be lifelong learners

There is a shift of control from the teacher managing learning to a culture of interdependent students who contribute content to the whole classroom.

Find more videos like this on Curriculum21

We are trying to do this in 3w, through blog comments and more particularly through our class wiki. Powerpoints made by students and stories written by members of the class provide models entertainment and inspiration for others.

A move towards more student led research clearly follows the direction of Alan's words. This is also becoming more common in my school along with a swing back to more connected learning through planning which is thematically based.

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