Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ebook eye-ache

Stumbled onto this ebook, which made me think more about creativity but gave me another more pressing, physical realisation too.

The references to Daniel Pink's ideas on creativity were a timely reminder. It also made me think about the restrictions on creativity which we often feel when planning and teaching. I was talking today with colleagues about planning in a more creative topic based way and how the imminent UK election may have a direct impact on the approach to teaching in the near future. Will there be a continued swing towards a more connected approach to planning in which learning has more opportunities to be put into a bigger picture? Or will there be a return to "segmented" learning in which the value of joined up contextual thinking is ignored at worst or halfheartedly encouraged?

The more pressing, physical realisation was that my netbook's screen is ridiculously small and ebooks don't work on it! Better get onto the PC and read the ebook properly.

Having done that, I realise that I like ebooks! If you haven't tried one, then you might be in for a pleasant surprise. I like being able to turn the pages, loved having music played to me if I wanted, enjoyed the ability to view connected videos (although some of the links were broken) . It sounds similar to any old web page, but it was in a bookish format which I liked.

Maybe I might get a kindle some time in the future.

Myebook - Creativity in the Classroom - click here to open my ebook

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